During my time working on leading regional brands at Batey Ads I had the good fortune and pleasure of working with Mark Maxwell. He shaped the future for Batey Ads, leading the agency to the best of class in creative services and IT capability in Singapore and enabling it to retain this position for many years. I can say that the time spent gave me the confidence to recommend Mark as a friendly, fun, accommodating, creative, forward-thinking and yet greatly effective manager.
Andrew Crombie

Managing Director, H&T Asia Pte Ltd

I have known Mark for more than 10 years and in that time we have respectively managed two of the leading creative agencies operating in Bali, Indonesia. Despite occupying competing positions, we have maintained an excellent professional and personal relationship.

Mark and I have shared many experiences in the time we have known each other and he has always impressed me with his abilities in the fields of design, advertising and typography. He has produced some exceptional work over the years and has always maintained the highest standards with regard to the quality of design he and his team have produced.

He has managed to juggle the competing demands of managing a busy agency with producing and overseeing an output of consistently excellent work that has always inspired us to maintain our own standards to an equivalent level.

Richard Simmonds

Managing Director, Island Communications

Mark is the guy who you go to when you want great ideas well executed.
Richard McCandless

Executive Creative Director, mc2POWERSTATION

Mark is a highly IT-savvy creative services director who appreciates the role of technology in developing a more creative environment and knows how to apply it in ways that enrich the potential of the creative professional. Mark is thoroughly familiar with all aspects (both traditional and digital) of the creative workflow in an ad agency, and was the key person in transforming the creative shop into a modern, digital ad agency.
Colin Chan

Technical Writer, Remote Control Technologies Pty Ltd

One of the most knowledgeable and multi-talented person I have ever had the pleasure to work for. Mark is also a patient boss and coach. The creative services and IT facilities that he created 15 years ago for the entire agency was state-of-the-art at the time, and continue to rival many that I encounter today in terms of quality and efficiency. Overall a genius and a top bloke!
Grover Tham

Group Creative Director, Lowe and Partners Worldwide

Mark revolutionized the creative services department at Batey Ads, teaching new methods available through technology, while advancing and enhancing our traditional culture of excellence. Batey soared past O&M to be the largest agency in Singapore, winning more awards in the Asia Pacific region than any other agency. He’s a real “can do” leader and teacher who really cares to understand and nurture the talents of others.

Robert Gibralter

Managing Director, Batey Ads

Mark is highly creative and was key to our hotel property brand development and marketing strategy. I highly recommend him. His ability to bring new concepts and ideas to the table go beyond all expectations.

Robert Hepworth

Managing Director, Hotel Design and Management Services

I engaged Mark to establish brand, design and tone for our luxury private residence in Bali — Villa Waru. The website says for itself the creative and beautiful work of the webmaster. It was always a pleasure to meet Mark at his comfortable office in Bali.
April Hu

Executive Coach, Tirian Team Building & Leadership Development

Since our inception I have been using Mark’s company Maxwell Creative for all our marketing and design needs which has been quite extensive. Mark and his company have proven themselves, time and time again, to be reliable in their delivery and creative with their ideas. They have created everything from simple business cards to full marketing campaigns for us. I can’t recommend Mark Maxwell highly enough.
Mark Ashby

Owner, Outrigger O~CE~N Bali

In this business, there are those art directors who have a mastery of details and the ability to keep a lot of balls in the air; and there are those with a hunger to push the creative limits on every job they undertake.

Mark Maxwell is one of those rare art directors who scores high on both counts.

As Creative Director at Cole & Weber, it was my privilege to work with Mark for more than a year. During that time I saw him grown tremendously, and he continually surprised me with the inventiveness and quality of his work.

Rod Kilpatrick

Senior Vice President, Creative Director, BBDO San Franscisco

Simply, Mark is a GREAT Creative Director & Designer and I miss not having him in Indonesia as a friend, client or colleague. Often I want to recommend him to my clients and I hope he comes back to Indonesia one day. If not I recommend him to anyone and wish him best of luck working wherever!
Jez O'Hare

Aerial & Location Photographer, Jez O'Hare Photography

Mark’s arrival and the founding of his company, Maxwell Creative, left a defined and refined footprint on the marketing and advertising grounds of Bali and beyond. One that inspired everyone to step up and grow, one that led others by example, always producing excellent work which was inspirational whether serious or amusing. Maxwell Creative pioneered and we are grateful he left us a good guidebook to follow!
Sophie Digby

Co-founder, The Yak Magazine

Although it was a few years ago that we worked together, I will never forget Mark. He is one of the truly great, creative, innovative, dedicated art directors that I have had the pleasure of working with. His original ideas are thought-provoking, unique, and right on the money. He is a joy to partner with from my production perspective, and his challenging concepts are exciting to bring to life. He is a welcome addition to any creative staff.
Wanda Nichols

Senior Vice President, Director of Production Services, Cole & Weber, a subsidiary of Ogilvy & Mather

I’ve just seen Mark Maxwell’s work… his work is very nice indeed. Look at the ‘Wood’ campaign, in particular. His TV is also excellent. I know you’re all crazy-busy, but he’s worth meeting. If I had a spot, I’d grab him.
Neil French

Worldwide Creative Director, WPP Group

On numerous occasions, I’ve had the good fortune to work with Mark on marketing and visual design requirements I’ve had. For each, Mark came to the table with very innovative ideas, well-developed materials, professional service, and most importantly, timely delivery. You can’t go wrong with Mark! It was a pleasure working with him and his company.
Adlai Goldberg

Partner, Ernst & Young

Mark Maxwell saw me through one of the toughest times in the development of my company, creating the logo that would stand behind the brand. He has created a classic and timeless design that has brought success to my company and nothing but positive remarks. I am forever thankful to Mark and his company for helping me and making the process an enjoyable and easy one.
Shelley Hilliard

Jewelry Designer, Kit and Ace

Mark is the rare creative professional whose mind and talent combine creative originality with hard-nosed market and business realities. He brings the same high level of enthusiasm to whatever he works on. He understands that every client deserves excitement and fresh perspective, that every project has in it the potential for break-through thinking. His technical skills as a designer and art director are fantastic. He has terrific rapport with clients and is a great collaborator.
Paul Neal

Marketing and Business Strategist, SixH Consulting

When I worked with Mark I found him to combine a helpful can-do approach with great humour and warmth – and apparently endless patience. He’s a creative thinker and comes up with innovative solutions to all kinds of problems.
Dawn Sillett

Group Account Director, Batey Ads Singapore

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